Chad Jennings


Chief Experience Officer

Healthcare has suffered for years from a lack of patient empowerment, there’s a very patriarchal culture - you sit and wait until they’re ready; they control your data - patients feel powerless. Customers expect things on demand - Uber, Netflix, and we’re simply empowering people through one of the most complex - and personal journeys - your health.

Babylon Health exploded onto the healthcare scene in 2014 and has been growing in popularity since. Their app, which lets users book virtual GP appointments and order prescriptions (amongst other services) combines AI and real-life clinicians to offer consultations and AI-powered diagnosis for anyone using the app. Around 48,000 people have registered with the service, making it one of the 10 biggest general practices in the country with big expansion plans for the coming years.

Chad is the Chief Experience Officer and formally held positions at Moo (Chief Product Officer) and co-founder at book-making platform Blurb. He ’s responsible for building a world-class team of voice, product and service designers to define and deliver the future digital and offline experiences for Babylon services.

At Canvas, he’ll be talking about some of the intricacies of Babylon such as how do you get people to trust a digital product for something as personal as healthcare and how are they helping people navigate a digital journey moving a traditionally offline experience into an app. Expect to come away with an insight into methodologies they use and what the future holds for a service that’s only going to get bigger.

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Introducing our rockstars


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