Ella Fitzsimmons


Head of Narrative Strategy

What’s the skill you hear that tech needs more of, but no one hires for? The “unicorn” skill, that repeatedly builds brands and values, but is conspicuously absent from budgets and recruitment boards? Hint: it’s not programming.

Narrative strategist Ella has experience working with organisations like Co-op Digital, the Government Digital Service and Google to create and execute compelling stories about people and products. She was once, and only once, described as GDS’s ‘voice of the internet’ by someone who she owes many beers and a minor factcheck. Holding a PhD, she's worked in teams that have gotten funding, had funding cut, and sometimes won awards, like the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) future voices award in 2016.

In her Canvas talk, she’ll be talking about why tech needs word people. We know tech companies need code, we know they need design and business skills, but technology also needs word people. What are those skills? Who pays for them? And where do they sit in the organisation?

The tech industry needs people who tell good stories. Stories about software. Stories IN software. From marketing to microcopy and everything in between. She’ll share her views on how story-telling sits in the space between product and marketing and how it can be applied universally - be it design, engineering or innovation.

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Introducing our rockstars

Introducing our rockstars


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Ella Fitzsimmons

Head of Narrative Strategy


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